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Avolites Azure Shadow

Avolites latest addition to the console is the Avolite Azure Shadow. The console is a variation of the highly popular Avolite Azure Shadow which has enjoyed success in a variety of applications, particularly clubs and time-coded environments.

The Avolite Azure Shadow features all the facilities offered by the Azure Touch Panel (the original Azure) with the additional functionality of the 'Schadow switch' live playback buttons that have always been integral to Avolites' consoles.

Avolites have listened to customer feedback which revealed that some users would prefer the conventional Schadow switch rock 'n' roll buttons as opposed to the waterproof membrane of he Avolite Azure Shadow.

For theatre users, the Avolite Azure Shadow incorporates a new suite of theatrical programming functions. The new console design also allows the specific labeling of these theatre plotting facilities on the front panel. (This suite of functions first appeared in the Sapphire 2000 and is being introduced across the console range.)

The small but immensely powerful and highly cost-effective Avolite Azure Shadow can control a mixture of up to 200 intelligent fixtures and 200 dimmer channels over its 4 DMX lines giving 2048 DMX channels. It can run 20 separate Sequences of Environments simultaneously and has 50 direct access memories and chases per page with 10 labeled playback pages.
The console offers simultaneous control of 200 mixed intelligent fixtures and 200 dimmer control channels. It also has the power to run 20 separate Sequences or Environments at the same time!

Unique features include 50 Direct Access memories and chases per page with 10 labeled pages, making it ideal for multi-operator situations. Chases may be run from multi-frequency sound-to-light triggers and timed overrides, programmed times or the 'Learn Tempo' function. Learn Tempo allows synchronisation of chases to the current beat by tapping the tempo button and thus entering the beat into the desk ...

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Avolites Azure Shadow
Avolites Azure Shadow

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