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Light Design received the call from Carl Symonds, Director of The Nightingale Club, early December 2006. Terry Lewsey from Light Design said ‘we were rushed off our feet at the time the call came in, our busiest period, but I could tell it was a large club installation project and something just clicked with Carl. We got on so well on the phone that I didn’t want to miss an opportunity and decided to head up to Birmingham the same day for the initial site visit.
I was both shocked and stunned by what I saw! The venue was stuck in a time warp, there was no symmetry, the ceiling dropped at different heights, there were pipes running throughout the venue. It was a true nightmare job if ever I seen one! My first reaction was to walk straight out, but fortunately I stayed. That initial epic site visit lasted almost 5 hours during which time both Carl and Terry some how talked through their business and the ideas they had and it just clicked. A design came to mind and it worked from that moment on. We knew we had a good chance of winning the job, the energy in the room just grew once we saw the design and this was easily conveyed to Carl The nightmare had turned into a dream and we couldn’t wait to make it reality...

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